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is a new dynamic company that applies strategy-based learning to fun and games. Our mission is to provide insanely fun, easy to use games for mobile devices that are not only educational but encourage mathematical and strategic thinking. Alpha-Heuristix creates fun, interactive games that stimulate the brain. We know that a game can build reasoning skills and math knowledge without feeling like a first period algebra exam. That's why we won't ever release an app that sounds like a bunch of math exercises. We will continue to release more strategy-based games that connect with an array of reasoning skills and mathematics, although the player will simply think it's a fun new game.

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    Tenser Released!
Version 1.3 of Tenser and Tenser Free are available in iTunes! We are very excited about our inaugural iPhone application. Tenser is the game that pits your spatial reasoning against your ability to add quickly. Learn more about Tenser.

You can keep up with the latest news on Tenser on the Tenser blog.

Alpha-Heuristix is now in the initial planning phases of their next iPhone application!

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