Welcome to Alpha-Heuristix

March 7, 2020
Alpha-Heuristix is close to releasing a new version of Tenser with updated features including blasters and flips. Blasters allow players to clear board space, and flips allow players to change a digit from a positive value to a negative value. 

February 28, 2013
Alpha-Heuristix goes live with the new website! Let us know what you think.

November 15, 2012
To celebrate the birthdays of the co-founders of Alpha-Heuristix, Tenser will be available for FREE today and featured on

October 9, 2012
Tenser will be FREE today from 11 a.m. until 12 p.m. EST and from 11 p.m. until 12 a.m. EST. The game will be featured on

September 2012
Tenser Free is now featured under the Best Free Math Apps for Kids at Squidoo:

Later this year, will be adding a new section to their web site featuring free apps. They will feature Tenser Free. Learning Reviews connects kids to learning on the web.

Tenser is now featured on the Teaching Appz website:

WeWantApps! is a web site devoted to finding the best kid-friendly apps. Today Tenser was approved by WeWantApps! and should go live on their web site tomorrow!

June 2012
You can now download Tenser in the App Store! Just search for Tenser!

Tenser was submitted to Apple... we are only days away from having the game available in the app store! This will include the FREE and $0.99 versions. Thanks to everyone who played

May 2012
Alpha-Heuristix approved the final build of TENSER today. The next step is obtaining approval and uploading the game to the App store.

April 2012
After much fine-tuning, TENSER is almost ready for release! We are very pleased with the job the team has done with the game. Our hope is to have the game available for download in May... expect more updates as we get closer.

March 2012
The development of our first app, Tenser, has begun. Tenser will pit your spatial reasoning against your ability to add quickly.

February 2012
Alpha-Heuristix is now formed. We aspire to create strategy-based games for mobile devices.