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Welcome to Alpha-Heuristix
Welcome to Alpha-Heuristix

Our first game, TENSER, is receiving positive reviews from gamers as well as educators. You can download Tenser in iTunes. Tenser is the game that pits your spatial reasoning against your ability to add quickly.

Digits materialize and begin to fall… and stack up. By forming strings of digits that add up to TEN, the digits explode to clear space and rack up points. As play progresses, the numbers fall faster and faster, making play TENSER.

Suddenly yellow smiley faces start to fall! Use your reasoning skills to determine the value of these Varia-bullies, and watch for other surprises that may fall. Strategize to find the best way to clear more space.

Earn or purchase blasters and flips. Tap the blaster icon to turn the digit-in-play into a blaster to clear board space by causing adjacent digits to explode. Touch any played digit to flip its value from positive to negative or vice versa.

Tenser separates itself from other games in a few ways:

  • The speed (Tension) can be set before the game, which allows those just learning to add and math whizzes alike to enjoy the game. The game can also be played where the Tension increases as you progress through the levels making the play TENSER.
  • Players don't realize that they are doing mathematics; thus, the game appeals to general gamers (and has proven to be addictive).
  • The game features a leader board for every Tension level.

"Honestly, my whole family loves it!" – Greg Superchi, President NH Teachers of Mathematics, NHmathed listserv 9/06/12

“The game is crazy addictive when you try to beat someone's high score you know…”
– RRandall001, iTunes

“This is my favorite kind of app, no need to read instructions, just hit start and play! It’s challenging and addictive too! Can’t get my 6 year old to stop playing, but he’s learning math so play all night buddy!”
– CrackShorts, iTunes

"Tenser is a fast-paced Tetris style Maths app...the longer you play for, the faster they [digits] drop down, the sweatier your palms get...any app that make math fun is a winner in my house!”

"Tenser is a great app for spatial reasoning and addition skills. Delving deeper reveals the underlying strategy of the game, tied to algebra and even probability, which separates Tenser from other games in this genre."
– Andrew Roberts, founder,
Math Made Visible


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Welcome to Alpha-Heuristix      
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  Learn how Tenser helps build numeric and early algebraic reasoning, as well as spatial awareness and how Tenser connects to classic mathematical research and the Common Core standards here.